The Law and Grace part I

Posted on March 9, 2011


I have been a Christian for quite sometime now and I have met plenty of believers who had their own convictions about the boundaries of God‘s will for their life that was not shared with other believers. Moses delivered the  Law  from Mount Sinai. Those are the 613 laws found in the Old Covenant. (This includes both moral and ritual law, that is, do not kill, and do not cut your beard). However, Christians are no longer under the Old Covenant law! (Moral law still stands however), but Christians have devised their OWN set of laws that even exceeds the Jewish law! Here is a list of convictions held by various Christians:

KJV only

-never listen to secular music

-vote Republican

-vote Democrat

-help the homeless

-fight abortion, pornography and gay marriage

-not own a TV

-not own more than 1 TV

-never use the Internet

-never support the military

-be against all wars

-only do home births

-homeschool their children

-NEVER homeschool their children

– never use birth control

-become quiverfull have as many kids as possible)

-watch only G or PG movies

-never watch ANY movies, or go to a theater

-never dance unless it’s to worship music

-never dance EVER

-never drink alcohol

-never see a psychologist or psychiatrist

speak in tongues

-NEVER speak in tongues

-never see a doctor, but believe in God for healing

-never use medicine, only herbal or holistic remedies

-never eat meat

-become vegan (eat nothing with a face or any product of anything with a face)

-keep the Sabbath (Saturday) holy

-keep Sunday holy

tithe your net income

tithe your gross income

give as you have purposed in your heart to give

keep Kosher

read your Bible every day

never use an instrument in worship (a Capella)

lift up your hands in worship

never lift your hands above your waist in worship

witness to one person a day

never celebrate Christmas (no presents, no trees, no lights)

no Easter egg hunts or trick or treating

no birthdays

never own an expensive car (rust buckets only)

never own insurance

never lock your car or house doors

Also, Christ‘s will for ALL Christian women:

never wear jewelry

wear a veil and/or head covering in a church gathering

never cut their hair

wear clothing that never exposes the legs

be silent in church meetings

never wear a bikini

Many of these are good ideas, but most are not even biblical! Why do we put a heavier burden than Christ himself put on us? But I may do something that my conscience condemns (like missing a day of Bible reading), then that is sin to me.. However, you may do the same exact thing with nary an issue, and your conscience will not condemn you. Why? Because our conscience is limited by our knowledge of the Word. As a child, I was taught that secular music was of the devil. So if I purchased a record, my conscience would condemn me. For me, to do such a thing was willfully sinning against the Lord.

For other Christians, this was not the case at all. They could have bought the newest KISS album without even wincing. And they can glorify God in doing so.

So, the conscience is the current standard of God’s will for our lives. It must be obeyed, otherwise it will condemn us.  Mature Christians have MUCH more freedom than immature Christians. This because mature Christians have more knowledge from reading the Word.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:12 and 10:23 “All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable or edifying“..example, I am allowed as a Christian to eat opossum, but it’s really not the best thing for me. I am allowed to eat Twinkies all day. (Twinkies aren’t Kosher), but it’s probably not edifying. 😉